Shirlee Hallman, Founder of Purple Aspen, resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband and their Bernese Mountain Dog Winston.  

Eric and Shirlee have 6 children, 8 grandchildren, various grandpups and grand kittens.  

We create and print all of our t-shirts designs in our Lincoln studio as well as our jewelry.  

The company was created from my desire to run my own business and make products that other people will enjoy.  I worked in the corporate world for many years as an accountant and always had the desire to have something of my own.   What started out as a small desire to have a business into a larger scale company that continues to grow.   

The design inspirations comes from an array of interests that are important to us, our friends, and our family.   

Our unique name came from my husband's love of the aspen tree that is native to Colorado and my favorite color: purple.  

We take nothing for granted and we are always striving to make our business grow and be the best it can be.  We appreciate each and every order that we receive.  

Mission Statement - Provide quality clothing and products that inspire people to live freely, love freely, and be happy. 

Thanks for stopping by!